Drive engagement with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Posted on
September 30, 2017

LinkedIn has a great feature for companies and organisations that have diverse range of services and brands: Showcase pages.

Showcase pages are connected to regular LinkedIn company pages, however they work as landing pages to feature niche content and to engage with specific target groups.

Here are some benefits of a Showcase page:

A Showcase page has a bigger header image, making it easier to deliver marketing message at a glimpse.

Showcase pages have a two-column content area, like Facebook Timeline, which focuses on more on content and engagement through content.

Your employers are not connected to your Showcase page. The layout of a Showcase page is less about the company structure/background and more about your service/product. That allows you to reach your buyer persona without foisting unrelated information, such as careers, upon them.

You can advertise and/or boost your content via a Showcase page, which is beneficial for service or product specific campaigns. Once you specify your target group for a particular campaign, you can direct them to your Showcase page instead of your company page.

Your Showcase page(s) are visible on your LinkedIn company page, but your company page followers are not necessarily your Showcase page followers. This is a great opportunity to build different communities that are interested in one or two of your brands/services and link it with your own landing pages, blog posts and campaigns.

Your LinkedIn company page is also visible on your Showcase page(s). This means, even you have multiple Showcase pages, they are centralised around your company and it makes it easier for visitors to browse between pages.

If you haven’t created a Showcase page, here’s how to get started:

1. Identify business areas that need a Showcase Page.
2. Hover over the “Edit” menu on your Company Page. Select “Create a Showcase Page” from the drop down menu.
3. You can then enter information as you would for a regular page including website links, industry, and images.
4. Now you’re ready to start sharing your content.

TIP: Like Facebook page URLs, Showcase page URLs are created on first demand basis, so, be quick about creating yours. You can publish up to ten Showcase pages for free.

Showcase pages are great for companies to drive stronger engagement with a specific audience.

If you have decided to include Showcase pages into your online strategy, let me know about your challenges and successes. I would like to hear it.

Posted on
October 24, 2017